Capital Campaign Brochure

Capital Campaign Brochure

Client: National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Background: The National Capital Area Council (NCAC), Boy Scouts of America (BSA) serves a metropolitan population of more than 5 million individuals and provides quality, year-round youth programs to 15 percent of local youth.

Objective: Develop a Capital Campaign Brochure that supports the NCAC’s 5 year strategic plan. Booklet will profile commemorative opportunities for the Marriott Scout Service Center, Camp Synder and the Goshen Scout Reservation. Design should be overtly Boy Scout driven since the appeal is including an audience outside of the Scouting arena.

Solution: Design a unique brochure featuring a die-cut, short fold cover and logo that promotes the theme, “We Can Do More”. The logo was so well received that it was stenciled throughout the individual camps to support the campaign. Page layout is organic with warm tones and silhouettes.

2012 Summit Award International Competition – Bronze

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