2013 Campaign Creative

2013 Campaign Creative

Client: NADA University

Background: NADA University is the education and online training division of the National Automobile Dealer Association.

Objective: NADA U has moved past an awareness campaign and needs to promote their four Centers of Excellence. Need a creative campaign with subthemes for each center.

Solution: Develop an All Star theme by profiling real-life successes coming out of NADA U. The All-Stars campaign is testimonial driven and multi-channel. Objective is to drive audience online to NADA U Allstars and learn how NADA U has improved dealerships through member-submitted videos. Ads tell part of the story to engage the reader — the “what” — and include a QR Code resolving to a mobile-friendly video of the All-Star telling his or her story of the “how”.

This video-based testimonial campaign achieved an 18% mobile response rate.